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Brush on Block® SPF 30 Touch of Tan

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with a hint of warm colour

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Product Description


Brush on Block® was specifically created for everyday use as even in winter the skin can be damaged by UV rays.

It can be applied all over the body and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Incredibly easy to re-apply and store. No fuss, no discomfort, just great protection same as our original Brush on Block® but with the addition of colour and warmth.


Brush on Block®

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Translucent, Non-sticky
  • Can be applied over/under makeup
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for all ages including children
  • Refillable


Customer Reviews (12)

Always with meReview by May
I just always keep it on me now, that way no matter where I am if I need to use it I can. That can be on the way to work, or actually sometimes when I am out walking the dog and it gets unexpectedly sunny being England, I can just pop some on and I am done. It is a really good sunblock, I really love it. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Fast delivery - love the brushReview by Poppy
Super fast delivery after ordering it, and I love the brush! It is a really good brush, leaves the application across my face really even, which is especially important as I use the one with the hint of a tint in it. The tint is great, but if it is not even it looks odd... I have gotten a good application across my face from the word go. I will be buying again. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Have you got a ten year discount prescription?Review by Daisy
This is one of those finds when you just know you are going to be using this for the next decade, so please add a discount for long-standing customers so that I can buy this at a lower cost! Love this - perfect block and glow combo. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
They were right - it is great!Review by Georgina
I saw an advert for this so I googled it and found a review video... and te girl really loved it so I bought it... and now I love it too! It really is as good as she said, goes on easy, can leave it in the car and pop it on just as I arrive in, gives a really nice glow to my face without being too strong a tan colour... love it! (Posted on 24/10/2018)
I just got engaged!Review by Susan
Okay I know this is a review, but I just got engaged and I can't stop telling everyone about it! So hey there internet - I just got engaged! Buying replacement BrushonBlock for going on my hen do (we are going abroad it is going to be so fun I can't wait), I love my brush on block. It's going to keep me looking beautiful in the months coming up to my big day.

Ps - did I mention I just got engaged?!?!?!? ;-) (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Super awesomeReview by Lee
Super awesome! I love the way the brush feels on my face! Makes the chore of putting on block into a treat! It is on the upper end of what I am willing to pay, but totally worth it! (Posted on 24/10/2018)
My go-to giftReview by Morgan
This has fast become my go-to gift! The thing with presents is that something permanent becomes something that the person has to store somewhere, no matter how good eventually it will become clutter in the house if it not just clutter to start with. Consumables make much better presents because the person gets to use and enjoy it, and it does not become something that is just rubbish in the building taking up space, waiting to be thrown away. BoB is a fantastic gift. It feels great when you use it, it is easy to pop into a bag, and who doesn't need sunblock? Using sunblock is one of the few universal pieces of advice that you can give to some and it always be great advice. The sun damages skin, simple as that, and protecting yourself from UV is always a healthy choice. BoB makes putting it on a pleasant experience, it feels like a treat because the way the brush makes it feel luxurious, thus this is a great gift. The person will use it, and enjoy using it. It will benefit them because frankly sunblock is always a good thing to use, there's a good NHS article about it here: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/sunscreen-and-sun-safety/

So highly recommend it for presents for both men and women (men need to use block too!). I generally buy this one (the tanned one) because my friends are mostly women and the touch of tan is great, but I would give the non-tanned version a five-star review as well. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
No burn, no shine, just brush!Review by Chantel
I picked this up almost a year ago and then it sat unused for ages. I then re-found it and started using it, and it is great! It does what it says on the tin, you just brush it on and it is a great sunblock without being sticky or anything. It has also removed the shine on my forehead (yes I have a shiny forehead), I just brush it on and it does both! I am really glad that I found it, and it after a couple of months it is still going strong, so whilst it is not cheap I think it is good value. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Just the ticketReview by Sharon
I have just spent 10 days in the sun on holiday, and not a single bit of sunburn! This one is particularly good as the touch of tan gives you that holiday glow that you really want. 5 stars. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Fast!Review by Dolly
Fast delivery, and quick to put on - I love it! (Posted on 24/10/2018)
I totally trust thisReview by Katharine
I have had skin cancer, so I am particularly careful about ensuring that I protect my skin from UV, I have to be if I am to protect myself from a resurgence. I have been using this and it is perfect. Its portability means it is always on hand, and it goes on so easily that it takes away any of the potential "laziness" that may kick in to encourge someone not to bother putting it on (we all have that happen - it has to be easy enough that you can do it without much effort). This is effortless to put on, which is the most important thing. Highly recommend it. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
I love it!Review by Suki
More and more I find myself using sunblock - and this is great. No muss, no fuss, just straight on. Love it. (Posted on 24/10/2018)

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How to use

Step 1 Hold brush in hand and flick wrist (like with a glass thermometer) until you see minerals in brush head
Step 2 Apply liberally to face, neck, chest and hands
Top tip For smaller areas around eyes and nose, slide sleeve halfway up the brush for more precise application


Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Chamomile Flower Extract, Green Tea Extract, Honeysuckle Flower Extract