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Brush on Block® SPF 30 Refill

Fast, effective UV protection

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Product Description


Brush on Block® was specifically created for everyday use as even in winter the skin can be damaged by UV rays.

It can be applied all over the body and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Incredibly easy to re-apply and store. No fuss, no discomfort, just great protection.


Brush on Block® Refill - Translucent

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Translucent, Non-sticky
  • Can be applied over/under makeup
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable for all ages including children
  • Refillable


Customer Reviews (4)

Makeup base - YES!Review by Charlie
I love this under makeup! You can pop it on, then put your makeup on top and it is lush. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Great for the familyReview by Millie
I love this stuff. It is quick to put on, and really easy too. It is perfect to keep in the car (I do) so that when you are on long drives and find the sun is coming in you can quickly and easily brush some on your arms and hands to help keep those pesky UV rays from doing their damage. It is also great for squirmy wriggly kids that don't want to stay still! One of these days I am just going to let them get a little burned so they learn, then my brain kicks in and I remember that's bad parenting! But seriously, it has been a real problem sometimes trying to get the kids to put suncream on, but with this I can get them to stay still long enough to do as they actually quite like it! They reckon it feels "funny" - but in a laughing good way not an odd way. So I can get it on and feel like I've been a good mum.

Anyway - I recommend buying this refill once you have the main brush on block - the brush is great and will last you ages! (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Love it! Fabulous on my face.Review by Nadia
I really love brush on block. Bought the refills as it is cheaper and I don't need another brush, the current one is still in great condition and still feels fabulous on my face. (Posted on 24/10/2018)
Yes! It's in the UK!Review by Ash
I have just moved here from the USA. I have been using brush on block for years, I swear by it. It is easy to put on, feels great, and I love that I can put it over my makeup. I was running out and was overjoyed to find that I can buy refills here in the UK. The brush that comes with the original brush-on-block in america is really good quality so it lasts well beyond the original amount, so I always buy refills, as the refills are really good value for money.

PS - thanks for sending it through so promptly! I am not sure if the USA post is really slow, the UK post is really fast, or you are just super efficient about processing orders, but I really appreciate getting my refill so quickly. My other one had already run out when I ordered (I'll try and think a little more in advance next time). (Posted on 24/10/2018)

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How to use

To Refill To Refill,Remove bottom cartridge by holding top of the brush with one hand and bottom of brush with other, Twist bottom cartridge to left until unscrews and comes off, Remove lid from refill cartridge and screw cartridge onto bottom of brush, twisting to right
Step 1 Hold brush in hand and flick wrist (like with a glass thermometer) until you see minerals in brush head
Step 2 Apply liberally to face, neck, chest and hands
Top tip For smaller areas around eyes and nose, slide sleeve halfway up the brush for more precise application


Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Chamomile Flower Extract, Green Tea Extract, Honeysuckle Flower Extract